Years of Productionsince 1999
Number of UnitsMark VI: 102 – Mark VII: 4
Original Price$5,200
Dimensions W x H x D83.82 x 86.36 x 55.88 cm
Weight44.45 kg

The Mellotron Mark VI was designed by Markus Resh, David Kean’s associate
(Mellotron.com ).
It takes the main features of the M400 while making several changes.

The Mark VI has a tube preamb.

The wooden cabinet is stronger; it has reinforced corners, and a thicker back. It is lighter than the original cabinets. The cabinet finish is available lacquered in different colors (white, black, brown) or varnished mahogany.

The capstan is made of stainless steel and the belt drive flywheel is slightly heavier for better stability.

The screws, bolts and washers are in metric standard. As the British standard (British Association) does not exist anymore, it is very hard to find parts using this standard when you’re out of United Kingdom.

The motor control board has a switch allowing 2 speeds to be “memorized”.
An indicator on the control panel indicates the selected speed.

The motor is a new, more stable model.

The Mellotron Mark VI has a balanced audio output in 6.35 ″ jack format.

A new tape frame has been designed. Lighter and stronger than the previous ones, it also allows to play longer tapes, thus increasing playback time by 20%.
This new tape frame also fit in the M400 and the Mark V.

The Mark VII is a dual keyboard version of the Mark VI.
Both keyboards are arranged side by side as on the Mark V.



Mark VI #078

Photos: Mikko Uusi-Oukari
Mikko Uusi-Oukari’s Mark VI

Mark VII #02

Photos: Charles Thaxton
Winston Eggleston’s Mark VII


Mark VI Brochure
[Thanks to Taka – Tokyo Mellotron Studio]