The Mellotron on Garden Shed

by Robert Webb Why The Extensive Use of Mellotron on the Garden Shed albumThe Mellotron is the bee’s knees of keyboard instruments. Why? Essentially because in keeping with over 600 years of successful musical keyboard inventions* the Mellotron equips the musician with an array of previously unavailable sounds via interesting and restrictive control mechanisms. In […]


King Crimson’s Mellotrons In March 1999, Robert Fripp put his Mellotrons up for auction.None were sold during this sale, Fripp having accepted none of the offers offered. Mellotron Mark II #113 | In the Court of the Crimson King | ThrakMellotron Mark II #232 | In the Wake of PoseidonMellotron M400 #211 | Islands | […]

Mellotron 400FX

Years of Production ? Number of Units ? Original Price ? Dimensions W x H x D 86 x 86 x 56 cm Weigh 55 kg The 400FX is a scaled-down version of the FX Console, in the form of an M400. It came with 12 tape frames, each with 105 sounds, one per track […]

Novatron T550

Years of Production 1981 – 1983 Number of Units 3 Original Price £999 Dimensions W x H x D 70.5 x 88 x 66 cm Weight ? The T550 is an M400 in a flight case with space for 2 tape frames and a volume pedal. Produced in the 1980s, this model bears the name […]

Mellotron M300

Years of Production 1968 – 1970 Number of Units 52 Original Price £871 Dimensions W x H x D 107 x 92 x 67 cm Weight 113.4 kg The M300 was created in order to reduce the Mark II‘s size and weight. It was the first Mellotron not to have built-in speakers. However, an amplifier unit, […]

Mellotron M400

Years of Production 1970 – 1977 – Novatron: 1978 – 1986 Number of Units about 2 000 Original Price £795 – Novatron: £1,374 Dimensions W x H x D 86 x 82 x 57 cm Weight 55 kg The M400 is the first Mellotron whose size and weight are suitable for relatively easy transport.It is […]

Mellotron FX Console

Years of Production 1965 – 1970 Number of Units about 60 Original Price £1,500 Dimensions W x H x D 129.5 x 99 x 68.5 cm Weight 159 kg At the request of the BBC, Streetly Electronics has created a new model, the Sound Effects Console or FX Console, a Mark II whose technical characteristics […]

Mellotron Mark V

Years of Production 1975 – 1977 – Novatron: 1978 – 1980 Number of Units 26 – Novatron: 4 Years of Production £2 200 Dimensions W x H x D 132 x 89.5 x 66 cm Weight 152 kg Basically, the Mark V is made of two M400s in a single cabinet with a built-in stereo […]

Mellotron 4 Track

Years of Production 1981 Number of Units 5 Original Price $4,495 Dimensions W x H x D 89.53 x 89.53 x 57.78 cm Weight 47 kg The 4 Track is the first Mellotron manufactured in the USA and marketed by Sound Sales Inc. Only 5 units were produced by Bomar Fabricators in Southbury, in 1981: […]