Streetly Electronics

Martin Smith and John Bradley – son of Leslie Bradley, designer of the Mellotron – restore all models of Mellotron and sell spare parts and new tapes.
Since 2007, they have been marketing a new model, the M4000.
Streetly Electronics is located in England, near Birmingham.

Streetly Electronics mellotron tape library

Audio excerpts of the various sounds available from Streetly Electronics

The site of the brand Mellotron, owned by the American David Kean.
Repair of any model, spare parts, new tapes.
David Kean and his Swedish partner Markus Resch are the makers of the Mark VI as well as digital versions M4000D, M4000D mini and M4000D Rack.

Norm Leete

Norman Leete’s site, collaborator of Streetly Electronics in the development of the M4000

Don’s mellotron page

Don Tillman’s site. Very interesting reviews of Harry Chamberlin’s patents (Chamberlin & Mellotron) and David Biro / Rick Wakeman’s patents (Birotron)

…KL…’s home page

Ken Leonard’s site.
Many interesting pictures showing the restoration of several Mellotron models.

Rick Blechta’s mellotron page

Rick owns a splendid FX Console.
With his wife and some friends – The Mellotron Recording Society of Toronto – , he recorded new instruments sounds for the Mellotron (piccolo, recorder) at Streetly Electronics’ request. The group also taped better recordings of other instruments which were already included in the Mellotron’s sound library (oboe / cor anglais, clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano sax and French horn).

Planet Mellotron

A very complete site, with an inventory of (almost) every record featuring a Mellotron. Many detailed album reviews, and articles about some artists.

Tokyo Mellotron Studio

Another site about the Mellotron, in Japanese. Many interesting pictures.


Article by Alexandre Gimenez-Fauvety, taken from the French site Section26