Years of Production1975 – 1977 – Novatron: 1978 – 1980
Number of Units26 – Novatron: 4
Years of Production£2 200
Dimensions W x H x D132 x 89.5 x 66 cm
Weight152 kg

Basically, the Mark V is made of two M400s in a single cabinet with a built-in stereo reverb.
It has two 35-note keyboards, but a single capstan, a double volume pedal, two audio outputs (high and low), a pan control for each keyboard, and a headphone output.

The cabinet was made of wood, covered in black vinyl.

The motor controller board is a SMS-2.

The prototype created in 1974 reportedly belonged to Jimmy Page.

The first Mark V was made on February 13,1975. Serial number: 5/101A
The last one was made on February 7, 1980, by John Bradley. Serial number: 5/130

The last four Mark V are Novatrons [See History].


Mark V #5/116

Photos: Scolopendra

Mark V #5/117

Mark V #5/120

Photos: Scolopendra



Mark V Brochure
Mark V Brochure


Available sounds at Streetly Electronics

For more information and listen to audio excerpts: Streetly Electronics Mellotron Tape Library

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