Demonstration FOR THE CMI II – 1980

Text by Michael Carlos

The Fairlight C.M.I. Demonstration Tape – No. 1 – 1981

There are 3 missing audio files for this tape:
Nine Dimensions (David Vorhaus)
Dad’s Army (Duncan McGuire)
Sphera (Jill McGuire)

David Vorhaus

Sleight of Mind – 1982
Notes on rear sleeve:

Electronic flights of fantasy into the unusual, the creative, and the unexpected.
All the sounds on this album were created on the Fairlight Computer Musical Instrument.

Sound Conjurer – 1983
Notes on rear sleeve:

An imaginative trip into sounds real and unreal.
All the tracks on this album were recorded using the Fairlight Computer Musical Instrument.

Peter Vogel’s Archives audio

Peter Vogel’site, Fairlight co-founder with Kim Ryrie

Fairlight Memories

Two albums composed almost exclusively with a Fairlight by Roger Doyle
between 1983 and 1988: