Years of Production1981
Number of Units5
Original Price$4,495
Dimensions W x H x D89.53 x 89.53 x 57.78 cm
Weight47 kg

The 4 Track is the first Mellotron manufactured in the USA and marketed by Sound Sales Inc.

Only 5 units were produced by Bomar Fabricators in Southbury, in 1981:
2 white, 2 black and 1 blue.

The 4 Track uses 1/4″ tapes with 4 tracks which can be read simultaneously thanks to a fixed block of magnetic heads.

Each track had its own preamp and the following controls:

  • 3 band EQ
  • Pan
  • Volume
  • Switch to activate the track, with indicator light

The 4 Track has a Pitch control, a new SMS-3 motor control card, a new capstan and 7 audio outputs: 4 direct outputs (one for each track), 1 left output, 1 right output and a mono output.

The cabinet is made of aluminum and the size of the power supply unit has been reduced in order to reduce the weight of the instrument.

While providing many technical improvements over the M400, the poor tape recording quality will not highlight this model.


4 Track #001

Photos: Frank Stickle
Jim Rezek’s 4 Tracks

4 Track #003

Photos: Ryo Sekine


4 Track Brochure
4 Track Brochure