Years of Production1965 – 1970
Number of Unitsabout 60
Original Price£1,500
Dimensions W x H x D129.5 x 99 x 68.5 cm
Weight159 kg

At the request of the BBC, Streetly Electronics has created a new model, the Sound Effects Console or FX Console, a Mark II whose technical characteristics are adapted to the specifications of the BBC.
The recordings include 1260 various sound effects to provide sound for radio and television broadcasts.

Because of the BBC’s demands, the technical features of the machine The technical requirements of the BBC have resulted in the following changes:

  • Each keyboard is divided in two parts (keys 1 to 18 and 19 to 35), and each part has its own head-block and a preamp with integrated circuits. The signal-to-noise ratio was improved compared to the Mark II;
  • Volume control for each of the 4 keyboard sections, and a master volume control;
  • Headphone socket with volume control;
  • Electromagnetic track selector. Unlike Mark II, it is impossible to play two tracks at once (A+B or B+C);
  • Being made for the BBC studios, the FX Console didn’t require an amplification system as big as in Mark II: it simply has a small amp with integrated circuit (no more tube amp) and a 8″ speaker;
  • No more reverb unit;
  • The wooden cabinet is not made of polished mahogany anymore; it is in plywood, painted in BBC grey or black.
Tape Recorder - Feb. 1966
Tape Recorder Article
February 1966
[Thanks to Mattias Puttonen]


FX Console #10006

Photos: Jimmy Moore
Jimmy Moore’s FX Console

FX Console #10030

Photos: Rick Blechta
Rick Blechta’s FX Console

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FX Console Sound List

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