The Mellotron’s basic system is the same on all models. The model M400 is the one which will described in this page. Because of its simplified mechanism, the M400 should help you to understand more easily the way the instrument works. The system is basically the same as a tape recorder.Each key on the keyboard […]


Summary CHAMBERLIN At the end of the 40’s, in California, Harry Chamberlin invented the first instrument using tape recordings: the Model 100 Rhythmate. With its recorded loops of drum patterns, it can be considered the ancestor of modern-day samplers and drum machines.The Model 200 not only used tapes, but also a keyboard; it had sounds […]


We’re in the sixties. Imagine a keyboard that is able to reproduce the sounds of violins, flutes, or a brass section; a machine which is totally polyphonic, at a time when digital technology does not exist yet, and when the only available keyboards are pianos, organs and the first monophonic synthesizers. A forerunner of modern-day […]


Demonstration FOR THE CMI II – 1980 Text by Michael Carlos The Fairlight C.M.I. Demonstration Tape – No. 1 – 1981 There are 3 missing audio files for this tape: Nine Dimensions | David VorhausDad’s Army | Duncan McGuireSphera | Jill McGuire David Vorhaus Sleight of Mind – 1982Notes on rear sleeve:Electronic flights of fantasy […]


Mellotron – The Machine and the Musicians that Revolutionised RockNick AwdeEd. Desert Hearts592 pages Collection of testimonies from several famous musicians who used the Mellotron (Tony Banks, Mike Pinder, Ian McDonald, John Wetton…) as well as the first demonstrator Geoff Unwin and John Bradley and Martin Smith of Streetly Electronics. The Mellotron BookFrank SamagaioEd. Artistpro.com250 […]


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