Mellotron FX Console


Years of Production1965 – 1970
Number of Unitsabout 60
Original Price£1,500
Dimensions L x H x P129.5 x 99 x 68.5 cm
Weight159 kg

Streetly Electronics created the FX Console on the BBC’s request. It is a modified Mark II, which could play sound effects for radio or television programs (Doctor Who).

The rhythms, accompaniments and instruments were replaced by 1 260 various sound effects.

Because of the BBC’s demands, the technical features of the machine were modified:

  • Each keyboard is divided in two parts (keys 1 to 18 and 19 to 35), and each part has its own head-block and a preamp with integrated circuits. The signal-to-noise ratio was improved compared to the Mark II;
  • Volume control for each of the 4 keyboard sections, and a master volume control;
  • Headphone socket with volume control;
  • Electromagnetic track selector. Unlike Mark II, it is impossible to play two tracks at once (A+B or B+C);
  • Being made for the BBC studios, the FX Console didn’t require an amplification system as big as in Mark II: it simply has a small amp with integrated circuit (no more tube amp) and a 8″ speaker;
  • No more reverb unit;
  • The wooden cabinet is not made of polished mahogany anymore; it is in plywood, painted in BBC grey or black.
Tape Recorder - Fév. 1966
Tape Recorder Article
February 1966
[Thanks to Mattias Puttonen]


FX Console #10006
FX Console #10030
Catalogue of effects

FX Console #10006

Photos: Jimmy Moore

FX Console #10030

Photos: Rick Blechta

Catalogue of effects