Peter vogel instruments

The Peter Vogel’s web site, one of the founding members of Fairlight Instruments with Kim Ryrie

The Holmes Page

One of the first sites about the Fairlight


A comprehensive and very technical section on the different Fairlight models


The site of my friend Jean-Bernard Emond, great specialist of Fairlight in France.
Jean-Bernard repairs any Fairlight model and offers, among other things, a Flash kit to replace one of the 8″ floppy disk drives with an SD card reader.


Mirjam van Kerkwijk’s web site with excellent interviews of people related to Fairlight

Trevor Marshall’s web site

Trevor Marshall is the creator of the ETI3600 and 4600.

Art & Technology

Adrian S. Bruce’s website (a former Fairlight employee)

Sound On Sound

Article from the British magazine Sound On Sound about the Fairlight CMI. It was written by Norman Leete, another Mellotron fanatic.

Facebook group Fairlight CMI

The story of ORCH5

Fascinating and very complete article by Robert Fink on the sample ORCH5, probably the most famous sample of the original Fairlight sound library
This sample was made by David Vorhaus in 1979 from an excerpt from Stravinsky’s ballet The Firebird (Infernal Dance of All the Subjects of Kastchei).

Famous Samples Part 2: Fairlight Strings

Article by Tomás Mulcahy on the LOSTR2 sample

Jörg Sigle’s Fairlight CMI II Restauration