Vintage Synthesizers
Mark Vail
Ed. Miller Freeman Books

A complete chapter about the Fairlight
Text + photos: p214-219

The Synthesizer

The Synthesizer
Mark Vail
Ed. Oxford University Press

Text + photos: p72-73

Digital Sampling

Digital Sampling
The Design and Use of Music Technologies
Paul Harkins
Ed. Routledge
208 pages

The Musician and the Micro

The Musician And The Micro
Ray Hammond
Ed. Blandford Press

Text + photos: p126-146

Synthesizer von gestern

Synthesizer von gestern Vol. 2
Matthias Becker
Ed. MM Musik Media Verlag

Text (German) + photos: p84-91

Electronic and Computer Music

Electronic and Computer Music
Peter Manning
Ed. Oxford University Press

Text + photos: p152, 260, 271, 274, 289, 294-296, 304

Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations: Eine Geschichte der elektronischen Musikinstrumente.
A History of Electronic Musical Instruments

Ed. Deutscher Kunstverlag

Text (German and English) + photos: p62, 92, 158

Les synthetiseurs

Les Synthétiseurs, une nouvelle lutherie…
Claude Gendre
Ed. Éditions fréquences

Text (French) + photos: p138-141